Iron Challenge 2019

The match will be shot with iron sights only. No red dot or laser sights and no magnification.

$20 entry fee per day includes a raffle tick for prizes after each match. Each participant will shoot each stage twice with your worst score for each stage being dropped. Points carry over from day to day. The person with the highest score at the end of the three day tournament wins a Tegra Arms AR lower and a holster package from Concealment Solutions worth $165.

Day 1 will have three stages. Every stage on day 1 will be shot with .22 rimfire or 17HMR. Two pistol stages and one rifle.

Day 2 will have three stages. Two pistol stages and one rifle. You may shoot the caliber of your choice for both pistol and rifle stages.

Day 3 will have 4 stages. One pistol stage, one BUG gun stage and one rifle and pistol stage. There will be an optional low light bonus stage that may be shot with a weapon mounted light or handheld flashlight. For the BUG stage your gun must fit into the official sizing box measuring 6.5" long by 5" tall with magazine inserted to the grip. This is roughly the size of a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield.


  • A holster that securely and safely carries your pistol on your hip.
  • Two ore more spare magazines. (magazine carriers are not required but will make reloads much easier)
  • A sturdy belt to carry your holster and spare magazines.
  • Appropriate eye and ear protection.
  • A weapon mounted light for the day 3 bonus stage. If you don't have one we will have loaders available and you will not be required to draw from the holster for this stage.
  • Plan on shooting 200-250 pistol rounds and 25-30 rifle rounds per day.

Courses of fire are designed to be fun for new and experienced shooters alike. Join us and find out how much fun you can have in a match and learn what gear works for you and what doesn't by running it in practical scenarios.

Please contact us or the folks at Discount Guns and Ammo by calling (801) 375-0822 if you have any questions or to register.