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Python Concealed Carry Belts

Your firearm and extra mags shouldn’t weigh you down. We have attractive real leather Python CCW gun belts that will let you pack your hardware safely. All of our leather CCW belts are made from heavy-duty cow leather and come in sizes 30 to 48 inches. The buckles on all our belts are replaceable so you can attach your own. Not sure what size is right for you? Feel free to shoot us a message, and we will help you decide on a Python gun belt holster that fits. Our reinforced belts use a high-density polymer stiffener between the two leather halves of the belt for maximum support. We tested this polymer stiffener for a year before we were satisfied it was up to our standards. This is the most durable and sturdy reinforced belt you can buy.

We have two sizes of horsehide leather-backed belts: 1.25 inches and 1.5 inches. These are a double layer of leather. The outer layer is cowhide leather. The inner leather is the horsehide. This offers durability with the flexibility of leather. These belts will give a bit more than our polymer reinforced belts. Why do you need a belt that’s stiffer than just a strip of cowhide leather? To support the extra weight of your gun and other defensive accessories you need a belt that will not sag and fold under the weight. Our belts are comfortable and supportive without being too stiff and unlike other gun belts on the market, they blend in with regular everyday attire and don’t scream “LOOK AT MY HUGE BELT I HAVE TO WEAR TO HOLD UP MY GUN”. Our belts are functional and discrete. Your holster is truly only as good as the belt you hang it on.

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